I’m Michelle, a caretaker worker in Taiwan, I asked for help from DCU and it’s because I couldn’t come back because my flight was delayed because my boss booked two flights to save on the fare. Manila to Palawan then Palawan to Taoyuan.  what happened was that my re-entry visa expired and I was never able to return to Taiwan. My broker and employer abandoned me and told me to reapply and find a new employer and broker. I am asking for help to remove the regulation because it’s hard on the re-entry policy. I’m having a hard time and my boss and broker don’t care about me anymore. I’m calling to help me come back because I’m the only one my family expects. They allowed me to go on vacation and I didn’t expect that my boss and broker will do this. We talked well and I paid 18k for the hotel quarantine. I hope that all my brokers have done what they should do because I am paying for their services. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much







Good day everyone, I am a caretaker here in Taiwan i am a direct hiring worker I am taking care of ahma and ahkong for 7years. My employer gave me a vacation go back to Philippine from December 4 2022 to January 4 2023.But before i leave as a worker i still need to Comply the requirments of MECO. I Pay my own ticket for NT19,430 round trip.


When I was about to return here on January 4, 2023, I get shock my name is not registered to the list to enter in Taiwan. I ask the ticketing booth they told me that I didn’t register a quarantine hotel back here, so I was not able to get my ticket back to Taiwan, it was a big hassle for me and my employer, so I called my boss to let him know that my name was not included being able to enter here in Taiwan because I don’t have a quarantine hotel.


Workers here in Taiwan are required to quarantine when they come back to Taiwan but take note “Only Migrant Workers have their Quarantine here in Taiwan” WHAT A BIG DISCRIMINATION?

工人在回到台灣時需要進行檢疫,但請注意 “只有外籍移工來台需要檢疫”,這是多麼大的歧視?

After I called my employer he got worried that I cannot come back to Taiwan. My Employer made a way with the help of TIWA STAFF and they registered a quarantine hotel for me which he paid NT 7,350, and I thank God because my Employer helped me. But the plane ticket is also required for registration so i bought a new plane ticket worth of NT19,380 by myself.


Then when I arrived in Taiwan I was quarantined in the hotel but It’s useless! why? Because I went out to buy my own food my boss didn’t order any free food so I ask him if I can go out to buy food for myself and my boss said “yes do a swab test first then tell the hotel information that you will go outside to buy your food” Actually there is no point to quarantine because it’s just a hindrance for us workers here in Taiwan.


I really got in TROUBLE. Taking a vacation is simple thing but GOVERNMENT POLICY in Taiwan makes it complex. My employer and I spend much time and money for this UNFAIR policy, it not only discriminate for OFW but also employer. We want to abolish this discriminating policy. We are human being like the people who live in Taiwan, don’t discriminate us…



As a migrant worker and one of the coordinator leaders of DCU. I will speak for my fellow migrant workers or so-called blue collar. Due to the difficulty in processing the re-entry policy back to Taiwan.


We Understood during the time of covid19 the government’s restrictions. But since November 2022 the border has been opened and everything is back to normal. Many of us want to visit home to our country. It has been a long time we did not go home due to the pandemic. when we will go vacation, there are still so many processes by the name of covid19 and we are the one who spends almost all of the expenses of it. Why are the regulations made more complicated and difficult for we blue collar workers. Where is our right to be treated equally? Why so quick and easy process when it is not a blue collar migrant worker and there is no torture the policy, only blue collar migrant worker are treated unfairly?


We blue collar migrant workers request that treat us fairly. No to discrimination. We are workers who are contribute in Taiwan. I hope you will listen to our grievances and suffering from being treated unequally. Hear our voice! we suffer a lot for this discriminative entry regulations and reentry policy! Please stop it NOW!



Good morning everyone my name is Tommie im a factory worker from Taoyuan.I believe all of us suffer and make a lot of adjustment during the most days of horrible COVID 19 virus pandemic. It’s not easy to go home because of the “government policy” and many requirements needed to comply.I want to share some of my burden, last 6/29/2022 to 7/19/2022 .before I go back to Philippines and before I come back to Taiwan. 


My broker is asking 50,000nt before i go home.

. 25,000nt for my 7 days hotel quarantine

.23, 000nt for my two way plane ticket

.1, 100nt for my pandemic insurance 

.2, 500nt for my contract verification

50,000nt is equivalent to my 2 month basic salary. Too expensive.

But not so helpful..


  • 25,000新台幣的7天隔離費用
  • 23,000新台幣的來回機票費用
  • 1,100新台幣的疫情保險費用
  • 2,500新台幣的合同驗證費用


On that time, the policy is very strict.

When i arrived at Taiwan after the saliva and antigen test there is a stranger shouting’’ ofw’’ The stranger said your taxi going to your quarantine hotel is outside. Actually where like a parcel if no one sign from the airport we cannot go out.2days after being in the hotel, I got a call from the government. They say am infected with the covid-19 virus. I need to move into government quarantine facility. I stay there for 7 days.


My first day at work. I ask my supervisor to help me about my hotel refund and insurance subsidy. I only used the hotel for 2 days. But my broker said, i cannot refund the hotel payment and no insurance subsidy. This kind of rules broker taking advantage to earn more money from the migrant worker.


We need to abolish the government quarantine policy.to lessen the burden of migrant worker. Broker is taking advantage of this quarantine policy to make more money from the migrant worker.

This policy is useless, is a discrimination, why only migrant workers need to quarantine. If  CDC think it’s necessary. Why not all people entered Taiwan under go to quarantine policy. We need fair treatment.


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