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We are TIWA (the Taiwan International Workers’ Association, http://tiwa.wokercn.com). TIWA is an activist organization established in 1999. For the past 10 years, we have helped migrant workers (primarily Southeast Asian blue collar and domestic workers) on a case-by-case basis and helped them organize to fight for their rights, as well as advocating for more progressive labor policy in Taiwan.

Recently, a lot of white collar migrant workers (especially bushiban English teachers) have been coming to our office asking for help. Their problems include: the employer isn’t providing enough work hours; overtime hours aren’t being counted according to the law; they are being harassed when they try to change jobs; employers are asking them to do illegal work (for instance, to work at a place not specified in their contract or work not related to teaching); the legality of work at summer school programs isn’t clear; etc.. In many situations, foreign English teachers don’t know what to do when their labor rights are violated, and the information that government bureaus provide in English is often inadequate or contradictory.

Therefore, in order to help everyone get a better understanding of their rights and how to protect them, we are organizing a labor education forum on the rights and regulations for foreign bushiban teachers in Taiwan. The forum will take place on the afternoon of December 6 (Sunday), 2009.

Topic White collar migrant workers/foreign bushiban teachers’ rights and regulations
Time December 6, 2009 (Sunday), 1:30pm
Place 9th floor meeting room, No. 2, Zhong Shan North Road Section 1, Taipei
(the Zhongyang Building, at the corner of Zhong Xiao and Zhong Shan Roads, on the corner with the Post Office)
13:30 -
14:00 -
Representative from the Council of Labor Affairs (explanation of workers’rights and duties, protection of labor rights)
14:30 -
Representative from the National Immigration Agency (explanation of issues regarding residency rights, ARC, work permits, etc.)
15:00 -
Q and A Time

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