Date: 2005 December 11; 12:30 NN
Place: Taipei Train Station Front Gate (Zhong Xiao West Road)
ORGANIZERS: Promoting Alliance of the Household Service Act (PAHSA)


1. Abolish the broker system; implement country-to-country direct hiring.
Brokers exploit and oppress migrant workers. To stop the exploitation and oppression of migrant workers, country-to-country direct hiring must be implemented.

2. Freedom to transfer between employers.
Migrant workers have the right to choose employers.

3. Eliminate the 6-year time limit
Employment Service Act restricts migrant workers from working more than 6 years. To consider the existing quota and to modify the Employment Service Act.

4. Caregivers & Domestic workers should be protected by the laws
To include the 130,000 caregivers & domestic workers under the Labor Standards Law/or to pass by law the Household Service Act.

5. Migrant workers’ right to form unions.
Migrant workers have the right to form and join unions.

MWCD Taipei 02-2311-7764;
MCD Shinchu 03-524-5375;
Hope Worker Center 03-425-5416;
Stella Maris 07-533-0239;
Fr. Joy 0930-446-060;
TIWA 02-2595-6858;
Kasapi 0955-948-904

You can sponsor the Migrant Workers’ March 2005 through the following ways:

1. Organizations that will join in the march, please donate NT$1,000.

2. Individual donations: please designate for the use of the Migrant Workers’ March 2005.

Donation Account: Postal Domestic Remittance Services, /

Donation Account: 19949099 Name of Account: 吳嘉德 Fr. Peter O’neal

(Father Peter is the person in charge of the Catholic Hope Worker Center, the first organization in Taiwan to reach out to migrant workers.)

We will post all donations on our website ( so that everyone can see and check. Donors’ name list will also be posted in our pamphlets.

Thank you for your support!

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