Title:Our Stories-Migration and Labour in Taiwan
Author:Ku Yu-ling
Translator:Agnes Khoo
Editors:Ding Naifei and Amie Elizabeth Parry
Publisher: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD)
Original Price:18 USD
Published Date:June 2011

TIWA Promotion Price:400 NTD (including postage in Taiwan)
Account:Taiwan International Workers’ Association
Account for Postal Remittance:19948580

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Awards received:
2007 Taipei Annual Literature Prize, 2008 China Times Top Ten Best Books, 2008 Yazhou Zhoukan ( Asia Week) Top Ten Best Books (Chinese Language), 2009 Taoyuan Best Book

This book is a must-read if you want to understand, beyond the clichés; the realities of migrant workers in Taiwan. The author, Ku Yu-ling writes about these people as her own. She fuses the lives of ordinary Taiwanese and migrants in her stories to show how similar we are; regardless of our nationalities. Yu-ling’s insightful and sensitive approach to the subject does not stigmatise the migrant workers as the ‘other’ or as the ‘victims’. Neither does she project them as larger than life – she simply tells their life stories as they are; with humour and affection. This book is part of the social history of Taiwan, as well as of Asia. It documents not just the memories of the individuals; it also records the collective memory of our modern times.

“Our Stories” is not only about the lives of individuals; it is also a collective and social history of Taiwan. This is the contribution of Yu-ling and the activists in solidarity with the marginalized and the grassroots for the past two decades.
Founder of Raging Citizens Act Now, RCAN– Jeng Tsuen-chyi
Yu-ling has given an entirely new meaning to the international boundaries of “Us.” Her book has humbled, shamed and shocked us……this is a truly moving book.
Novelist -Lo Yi-Chin

This is a highly literary book; the author has successfully fused literature and reportage together. Yu-ling has given us a unique perspective about the new migrants in our society, and described each and every one of them in a sensitive and sophisticated way with ease. It is a book difficult to put down once you have started reading.
The Author of “De-imperialization-Asia as method” -Chen Kuan-hsing

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